Thursday, 25 March 2010

Life O Life..


It has been quite a long time since i wrote in my blog....

soo many had been happened....

I just recently came back from Malacca for a course..Fertigation Course..

My first book have been published recently...i'm soo proud of it.

Hoping the book will be a hit..or at least make me feel it worth doing.

My second book is on their way...still 20% to finish, and hoping it can be submitted to the publisher before end of May. Thus still much to be done, i manage to balance everything in my life fairly.

Recently, I applied a position in UTHM Johore as an instructor. Really hoping something more stable and convincing for a change in my life.

Its has been 6 years working here in MARA, but not a single clue of me being secure in my own position. eventhough i have been accomplished soo many thing for MARA.

Nonetheless, i can only rely on myself...

Tanam selasih bersulam tebu,

Pokok petola berpancang lidi,

Mencari kasih entahkan mampu,

Mengharap cinta kekal abadi.


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