Thursday, 13 August 2009


Here is my first writing as many attempt of doing so since the very first day i open this blog. With the "See The World From Karafi's Eyes", i hope i can inspire people about things and stuff i would like to share. As few of my friends also blogging, i hope my blog would open them up in a new dimension.

Here I post also a picture of myself taken by near by Nursing College in Lumut which also will be use as my Eid Mubarak card. I also wrote for a few of my friends blog known as ArjunaDewAsmara. To all friends, families and students, do comments and keep in touch.

Menyusun papan di hujung belukar,
Tempat bersarang burung Tempua,
Menghantar titipan berita dan khabar,
Salam sayang untuk semua.

Expect more from me to come. Salute!

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