Friday, 14 August 2009


Today i went to Saiful Designer to take the outfit that i will be wearing during the convocation for IKM Lumut this coming Wednesday. It's silverish blue songket. The outfit was simple and ordinary. But the material and my accessories are outstanding and glamorous. I intend to be the most outstanding person on that day. I will wear that during the morning session while the western outfit will be wear during the afternoon session.

Thanks to Saiful, as we came with lots of request and we were also loud,hhehehehhe.

Oh ya, for those who doesn't know, i had been the emcee for IKM Lumut Convocation since 2007 till now. And also all those small events here and there, in and outside IKM Lumut.

So, for those will attend the convocation, wait for my appearance.....hehehheh. Mostly you would only hear my voice because I will be at the mezannine floor, far from views.

I also post some pictures of the headress that i made for the event. It's call 'Cucuk Sanggul'. The sharp edges had pierce my fingers to bleed a few times. I also tried to make traditional necklace called 'Pendokoh' but I still can't get the materials I needed. Those traditional accessories was made just to be my collection so that when I open my own boutique, it wont be a problem.

Menyimpan tairu di dalam kotak,
Kotak padat berisi kaya,
Bersongket biru bersampin bertanjak,
Membawa adat menjunjung budaya,




  1. takat tulih omputih tapi pantun tulih melayu ape kejadahnyer.......

  2. tanjak tue cantik... =) teruskan usaha anda.. besh of luckk