Saturday, 15 August 2009


I'm here to tell you about an incident that happened to me and my friends last Monday, 10 August 2009. After having breakfast at Roland's Corner, we headed to one particular person that had been assigned by Sultan as a representative in our area. We supposed to send an invitation card for our Convocation day. The first thought before meeting this peraon was overwhelmed because it's like an honour for us to meet a person that so close to the Sultan himself.

After meeting his secratery/clerk, we went in and greet him. After 2 times greeting him, he answered us but with unpleasant tones and attitude. Bit shock, but we tried to hide and still control ouselves as humble as possible and told him the reason of us coming to meet him.

He suddenly snapped. He scolded. On our faces, he told us that we are not even worth to see him because we are just a teacher/lecturer. It's our director responsiblity to meet him as he represent the Sultan. He had mention a few times, we are a rude and uncultured people. He keep mentioning a few words and phrases that its too vulgar for me to mention it here.

Yet, after heard all those words and comments, we went out from his room with nonetheless than anger, hatred and annoyed.


Being a representative to a Sultan or whoever it is, it doesn't give you the wright to scold and belittle those who came to see you as they do came to honour you. Let it be whom that come and sent the invitation or request, its the intention that counts. Labelling people who came to see you as uncultured/barbaric and belittle their job, it soo not ########### ( I still cant find a proper word to use).

As a Royal Institution representative, they should behave like one. Then all the commoners would really appreciate and respect the institution itself.

As a human being, they should behave like one. Invite your guest to have a seat, comforting tones and words are much appreciated rather than vulgar words and angry types of tones. Try to respect and behave like a cultured people before requesting people to be one. Always look to the mirror and ask yourself before labelling people.

Think through before act....

Yang Kurik Itu Kendi,
Yang Merah Itu Saga,
Yang Molek Itu Budi,
Yang Indah Itu Bahasa.


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