Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I arrive to UTP Seri Iskandar around 8.30 am with all the flowers and cloth full in my car. Beside being the main emcee, I also incharge of the stage decoration, sirih junjung, dressing up the students and a few more. What that disappoint me was while I'm actually try to help those who actually incharge of the things, they try to avoid helping me with lame excuses. for an example, the stage really not my work, but I'm helping a friend. So I tried my best to do it whole heartedly. There was a time where I asked him to look and buy for me some bullets for my gun stapler. He simply said he can't coz he need to go back to IKM. Go and buying the bullets might just took 5 to 10 minutes yet he refuse to do it. Yet I do those works that not really my responsibility with no exceptional. I'm totally sad by that.
It took me till 5pm to finish the decoration and there was no transportation for my student to go back to their homestay. Luckily, Azhar STMP generously offer to send half of my students while the other half was with me in my car.
Here I post few pictures during the preparation.

Jelingan mata renungan indah,
Lalu terleka membuang masa,
Manis kata bersulam madah,
Hati terluka terguris rasa.


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