Thursday, 24 September 2009


After struggling 30 days of fasting, I finally manage to call it an end. These pictures was taken during the first day of Eid. As you can see, all of my family members were here, except Angah the photographer and Abang (he work on that day). Me, Mak, Dom and Hisham's family wearing blue in color. Actually mine and Dom's were a different blue. More to purplesih blue, and expensive materials. Salina's and Soffe's a dark brown color, Suria's wearing yellow, Umi's and Firdawos wearing Cyan.

The night before Eid, I and the girls was throwing ourselves cooking. And I was exhausted. Nonetheless, we manage to prepare all the foods and other preparation was done by the boys. I also manage to bake 3 cakes the night before. Its just that, I think I had lost my baking skills for normal type of cake.

I'm happy to celebrate this Eid as it is the first Eid I celebrate with Dom. And also Mak manage to finish all 8 of my Baju Melayu.
On last 20th September, it officially Eid Mubarak Day.

Its a usual Eid for me. Nothing much nothing less. Just its mine and Dom first Eid together. I hope we will manage to celebrate it again next year together.

Main Bunga Api di pagi hari,
Gembira terasa hati ceria,
Salam Aidilfitri dari Karafi,
Blogger semua agar bahagia.

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