Friday, 4 September 2009

Salam to everybody.
Today is the 14th day of Ramadhan. I'm in KL for a meeting in MARA HQ with BPLK. a meeting about Modern Agriculture using Japanese standard called OISCA. Through out the meeting, I'm more into thinking what and how am I going to deliver this project. The meeting finish at 12 noon. Then as promised to Irwan, my friend that now work as a Technical Assistant in HQ, we went to BSM to meet Johan Iskandar asking about my status. As always, the same things ever again. Seems useless to meet him anyway.

Actually today I'm writing to share my experience during the 1st day of Ramadhan in KK, Sabah. the posted pictures was mine and my beloved first open fasting meals. We open fasting near a Ramadhan Bazaar in Kg Nelayan. Its a beautiful place where nearby the sea. I can see the islands, the sun is setting, and also the breeze. Furthermore, when we were there, there were two rainbow appreared in the sky. Its beautiful.

That 1st day of Ramadhan was exhausting because it's the 1st day and also we went out since noon. After full stomach, we went to a nearby restroom. There was a cat fight, and it's fierce. No, not that fierce as in all claws came out nor there was a mud wrestling, but the passer-by was stun and stop to watch it.

By the way, it was a great day for me.

Susun kurma di dalam cawan,
Cawan besi buatan Itali,
Pelangi menjelma menghiasi awan,
Menjadi bukti kebesaran Ilahi.


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  1. nice blog, bro!
    suka part pantun kat bahagian akhir entry..