Friday, 25 September 2009

Open House Recipes.


The heat and Eid celebration still goes everywhere. Open house here and there. My brother and sister were busy planning to organize an open house soon. So, this post is for them.By the way, the Nasi Lemak picture just as a decoration only.

Serve for 6-8 people

30 to 40 cps of Dried chillies (can be altered according to spiciness level to accomplished)
3 pcs of Onions
10 cloves of Garlics
2 cups Dries Shirmps (soak in water)
1/2 kg of Meat (sliced and boiled)
1 pck Fishball (sliced)
1 pck Fishcake (sliced)
1/2 kg of Sweet Potatoes (boiled)
1/4 kg of Sawi (can be more so it will look nicer)
4 eggs
Cooking oil
Sugar and Salt to taste.

1. Grind Onions, Garlic and Dried Chillies to fine texture.
2. Heat some oil and saute the ground mixture until cook.(naik minyak/garing)
3. Grind the Dried shrimp and add to the mixture.
4. Keep stirring until cook.
5. Add the boiled meat together with the stock. Leave to boil.
6. Using the blender/food processor, blend the sweet potatoes with some water until fine.
7. Add the mixture to the main pot.Leave to boil.
8. Add Fishcake, Fish ball, Sawi. Wait for 5 minutes.
9. Add eggs and stir very slow not to break the yolks.
10. Add sugar and salt to taste.

Note: If you want to put Fresh Shrimp, boil it first and put in only when about to serve. If not, your mee bandung will easily get rot(basi) because of the fresh shrimp juice.

serve for 6 - 8 people

4 pcs Chicken Breast (boiled and shreded)
2 pcs whole chicken bones (boiled with ginger for stock).
4 pcs Onions (blended)
10 cloves Garlic (blended)
1 inch Ginger (blended)
2 spoon Cummin Seed (blended)-Jintan Putih
2 spoon Coriander (blended) - Ketumbar
2 spoon Aniseed (blended) - Jintan Manis
1 spoon White pepper
1/2 kg BeanSprout
1/2 kg Groundnut (fried)
1/2 kg Suhun (fried)
1/4 kg mix of Celery and Spring Onion (finely chopped)-Daun Saderi/Daun Bawang
Mix of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, Staranise(kayu manis, cengkih, buah pelaga dan bunga lawang).
Salt to taste.
Oil to fried.

1. Heat some oil.
2. Saute mix of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and staranise.
3. Add all blended ingredients, stir until cook (naik bau/garing)
4. Add chicken stock.Leave to boil.
5. Add salt to taste.

Hot Soy Sauce:
Soy Sauce
- Blend everything till fine.

Note: To serve, it can be vary from Nasi Himpit, ketupat or even mee. You can even change the shreded chicken breast to small chunk of chicken in the stock. Reduce the amount of Corieander, Cummin and Aniseed to transformed this recipe for Mee Sup Recipe.


Mee Curry are coming next...

Hari Raya disambut gembira,
Pelbagai juadah sedia terhidang,
Berkunjung datang sanak saudara,
Jangan dicela apa yang kurang.

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  1. mmmmm cakap omputih.....maner paham....sweet potatoes gropeyer ubi keledek....aperlah.....