Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Salam again to everybody.
Today (2 weeks after the labelled date), I wrote again. On 19th August, after a few month preparation, we're ready to finally make it happen. With the costume and accessories, scripts and speeches, I'm all set for the big event.
Overnight in Sri Iskandar, at a homestay belong to Azhar STMP, I was barely asleep that nite not because I'm excited or overwhelmed, but more to tireness and boredom. Nonetheless, I manage to sleep a few hours before woke up with energized and anxious for the event. knowing that it would be a full day event, i determined to do my very best. After a quick dressing up and I'm off to UTP Seri Iskandar where the event held.
When I arrived, there barely people there, I'm one of the earliest arrived. When parking my car infront of the hall, I was ask by one of the security not to ask there since I'm not a VVIP. I told him I would just take a few minutes, but my car stayed there for the whole day,hehehheheheh.
Here I post also myself in a complete outfit.
During the event, it's a waste and a bit disappointing because people in the hall just only can manage to hear my voice, my beautiful voice....huhuhuh...sob sob sob...
But through out the event, we had perform very well eventhough I'm suffering from my migrain. It became servere when somebody came and sing that became annoyance to my ears and eyes. I was greeted by a few of my ex students through out the event and compliment my voice and asking why I can't be seen.
Though with disappoinment and upset, we manage to do our job very well and it a success.

Penuh peti berisi padi,
Peti buatan dari India,
Menabur bakti menyemai budi,
Menjagi insan pekerti mulia.


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